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  Category : Ginger Lilies  
  Product Name : Amomum sublatum  
  Price : Rs.200.00  
  Minimum Order : 1  
Large cardamom used as spice in cookings. This plants grows upto 5 feet tall and forms clusters. An evergreen plant and the old stems dies down after a few years. Leaves held on the upper portion of the almost brownish red coloured stem . Flowers in spring and stay open for 24 to 36 hours and more new ones flower successively from the base of the rhizome . A single inflorescence stays in flower for over a 4 weeks. The rhizomes are a dull red in color.

Mature flowering size rhizomes offered.

Use rich, well drained humus rich compost. Pant the rhizomes atleast 2 feet apart and mulch well. Prefers shady area. Lots of watering required during the flowering season. Can also be planted in large pots or conatiner. Makes a wonderful kitchen garden plant.

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Amomum sublatum
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