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  Category : Aroids  
  Product Name : Amorphophallus napalensis  
  Price : Rs.250.00  
  Minimum Order : 1  

Another easy to grow variety, having a segmented leaf carried on a heavily mottled petiole. Although easily grown, they are hardly ever offered for sale. You can expect the tubers to produce a plant approximately 2 feet tall. They produce a beautiful yellow to apple green spathe with a matching cream spadix.

Large Flowering size dormant tubers offered which will flower the same year.

Grow Amorphophallus in large pots or in shaded areas in a mild garden. Place a single bulb (7.5 cm dia size bulbs in 25 cm pot) 7.5-10 cm deep and cover with compost. For outdoor planting place bulbs 25-30 cm apart. Rich soil comprising of leaf mould, loam, sand and grit in equal parts is recommended. Keep dry till they sprout. Water and feed regularly thereafter.

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Amorphophallus napalensis
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