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  Category : Hippeastrums (Amaryllis)  
  Product Name : Hippeastrelia Durga Pradhan  
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Way back in the 1960s Mr. Udai C. Pradhan, made a bigeneric hybrid between Hippeastrum species x Sprekelia formosissima (Also known as Orchid Amaryllis or Aztec Lily) and named the plant after one of his late grandfather, Durga Shamsher Pradhan, founder of the Chandra Nursery in Sikkim. The hybrid turned out to be an intermediate between the two parents in every respect and inherited the orchid-look of its pollen parent. H. Durga Pradhan makes excellent pot-plant and when grown outdoors in milder climates forms good size clumps with profusion of flowers in spring. The 30-45cm red tall flower spikes are topped with deep crimson red, orchid-shaped flowers.

Mature flowering 12 cm up circumference  dormant bulbs offerd.

Plant in regular compost. Feed and water regularly after the flowering. Dormant bulbs maybe lifted and stored till time of planting or left in pots.
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Hippeastrelia Durga Pradhan
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